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[OPV] Morning Musume - Queens of the stage

Hey everyone~

This is my second tribute to the successful japanese all-female group Morning Musume! These young ladies are absolutely rocking the stage whenever they perform a concert! I wanted to show their power with this video.

NOTE: OneWingedWolf is my username on H!O
Also, if you want to leave a comment that's fine... but please type it down in either english or german so I can read it for sure!! Thank you


[OPV] Morning Musume - White Angels

Hey everyone~

I've just created this short video and wanted to share it with you. It's just an introduction of each member but also my tribute to these awesome young ladies!


NOTE: OneWingedWolf is my username on Hello!Online
Also, if you want to leave comments, that's fine... but please only type them down in either english or german so I can read them for sure! Thank you


Get to know me more ;D

It had been a while since I've been posting anything here... but now... I'M BACK~ YAY! Well sadly not with a new fanfiction but with a video I've created in order to reply to questions a reader of my fanfiction had been sending me via e-mail. It's pretty much a voice biography and you'll get to find out how I get my fanfic ideas, which country is my favorite, what kind of games I love to play and what H!P stuff I own. Just click the link below to watch the video.

Have fun watching~



An explanation and stories in progress


Since I'm not able to update my stories as fast as some of you might wish (which I'm really, really ashamed for) I thought I'd explain the reason(s) why it always takes that long with my updates.

First off... When it comes to my stories, I'm pretty perfectionistic.

I don't want to rush it, because if I do... it turns out to be horrible. The writing is bad and the choice of words fails. I want the readers to "feel" the emotions that are running through each character... cause all of them are individual and so are their emotions.

Take Morning Musume's Kamei Eri for example.

Since Eri is a real person I want to describe her character as precisely as I can. In my stories (in which she's in a relationship with Reina *~*YAY FOR TANAKAME*~*) she can be dominant (what may not be one of her features, but that makes it even more hot X3) but also shy and nervous. So describing how she feels when she looks at Reina or when she (Reina) is touching her, the way Eri feels if her and Reina have a fight and describing the mood between them or a special scene... makes the story worth reading and interesting... in my opinion.

Second thing is... that I'm always thinking about things like "is it okay to write stuff like that" or "are the sentences written well" and "does it sound right and not chopped off" and also "does that make sense with what I've written until now" or "will they think I'm crazy because I wrote this"

I want my stories to be written fluently so it's easy and conviently to read it.

Third thing is... I'm german so I have to translate my stories into english to share it with you (which I won't use as excuse for being slow updating). Because translating is actually fun... Though I admit that I'm embarrassed if someone points out a grammar or spelling mistake I've made in my stories ^.^" As I said... I'm perfectionistic ;)

Fourth thing is... I'm working on more than one story at the same time. I always get idea for one story and I write it down and suddely my writing flow stops (the most hated thing by author's: writing block >.<) but I get an idea for another started story. So... now some of you might say "Eh? But if it's like that at least one story should be updated" Well... you're right in a way. But my problem is that I usually know what I want to write but I can't find the right words to write it down into proper sentences. And with that... I'm just sitting there, staring at the monitor of my notebook, watching the cursor flashing.

Well, I hope I could explain the reason why my updates are so slow.

I'm sorry for that and I'm aware of the fact that I might lose some of my readers if I go on like this T.T Hontou ni... gomen nasai!

Anyways... I wanted to show you a list of my current stories I'm working on... maybe you can look forward to some of them. I'll write them down in alphabetical order with a short summary and pairings. Let me know which one made you curious ;)

009 ~ CODE 娘 - (inspired by the Haromoni@ episode with the buisness suits theme) Morning Musume are secret agents who are solving missions to bring back stolen articles of great value. The girls in action and... buisness suits.
Pairings: Eri/Reina, Ai/Risa, JunJun/LinLin

A breathtaking break - What happens while Eri and Reina are backstage, having a break? That break is more breathtaking than the concert itself...
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Aftermath (Kamei Eri POV) - Eri's thoughts after another intimate night with Reina; written in Eri's point of view
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Aftermath (Tanaka Reina POV) - Reina's thoughts after another intimate night with Eri; written in Reina's point of view
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Can't seem to see ~Shattered memories~ - A car accident, a girl who loses her parents and her memory. Reina witnessed a car accident that took away two lives and leaves behind a girl. Visiting the hospital, Reina gets to know Eri, the girl who was sitting in the vehicle that was involved in an accident. But somehow... both girls feel strangely familiar to each other...
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Corrective detention class - (inspired by episode 20 of Yorosen! ...remember the TanaKame moment?) Poor Reina has been putted on detention by Eri-sensei. A detention, the yankee never will forget...
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Everytime we touch ~ Round 2 [Icy chills] - Round 2 of my "Everytime we touch series" Icy chills... caused by... ice cubes
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Giving in (Takahashi Ai POV) - Actually Ai just wanted to relax in her hotel room and read on the fluffy bed after a straining concert. But... what are these noises coming from the neighbor room? A thump against the wall, glass shattering and Eri crying out for... Kami-sama? Ai can't escape her wild running emotions as she unintentionally listens to Eri and Reina's wild (and unmistakable) amorous play... Written in Ai's point of view
Pairing: Ai/Risa

In the dark - (inspired by the Haromoni@ episode with the lacrosse theme... gotta love the outfit) The hallway in the TV Tokyo studio is perfectly safe... except for the dark corridor... Reina, can you see in the dark??
Pairing: ???/Reina (yes, I want you to guess who is with her xD)

Nobody has to know - Eri and Reina are a couple, deeply in love and happy, sharing sweet moments after all the members went to bed. But... no one except them knows. A story about Eri and Reina who are trying to hide their relationship from the other members and the public... and learn the hard way that it's not as easy as it seems.
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Precious moments ~All I need is you~ (Kamei Eri POV) - Even though Eri and her best friend Sayu hadn't been able to hang out together lately, Eri isn't really listening to her... her thoughts always drift away to her girlfriend Reina... and the memory of their first time. Written in Eri's point of view.
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Until dawn is breaking (Tanaka Reina POV) - Sequel to "When the lights go down"; written in Reina's point of view
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Watashi ga Tsuiteru ~ Chapter 2 [Fighting against emotions] - Chapter 2 of my story "Watashi ga Tsuiteru" Why is her heart beating faster when she's smiling at her? Why does she feel tingly whenever she touches her? Eri slowly realizes that her feelings towards Reina are growing stronger each day. But still she keeps fighting her emotions, telling herself that it's just her imagination...
Pairing: Eri/Reina

Well... that's it for now. Stay tuned!


Hajimemashite ^_^

Minna-san, hajimemashite

Kurisu desu! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu~~

I wanted to introduce myself, so I'll give you a bio of myself.


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